Campaign Donor and Voter Registration Anonymity

February 23, 2009

When I heard that a middle eastern country had databases to track what the people supported in order to commit genocide, I was not shocked. This is how they operate!

But when I found out that Huffington Posts Fundrace was using this for Liberals to keep their friends, family and fav celebrity honest… I was shocked! The FEC has a database (csv) available and according to the rules, you cannot solicit for money but you can solicit for policy. It made me feel like the world just got smaller!

Since Islam is so successful at agitating its way into our democracy, I believe we are a stones throw away from this data being used against us.

I think when we register to vote, they shouldn’t get to know which party. Also, when we donate, they shouldn’t make our info public, nor keep it in a database… It make me feel like, I don’t want to donate now! I mean you can see who the big donors are, it comes complete with their first, last, addr, employer… WAY TO MUCH INFO…

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