Perez Hilton is a self made over-rated gossip QUEEN

April 21, 2009

Another airhead speaks! In her Country, people can choose opposite marriage! You mean I can marry someone opposite of her…somebody with a clue?? Thank gawd! It may be time to end this silly contest, and instead, send these ladies to Remedial Ed Class

So funny that you can deny anyone else their freedom of choice at the cost of your freedom of choice.

Marry whoever you want! You will never win the conception war! You will never learn what it is like to conceive a child because you loved the opposite sex. You will never change nature! Hah! Even the animals know this, they have sex with each other, but when it is time to multiply, they have sex with the opposite sex.

Put that in your Perez pipe and smoke it!

If I cannot have an opinion, it will be because of control freaks and gossip QUEENS!

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