The Grizzly News: GGRN, Temerity Magazine, Domain Hosting

May 18, 2009

Grizzly Groundswell announces Grizzly Temerity, your one stop shop for hosting and Domain name sales! Just go to www.grizzlytemerity.com and find discounts on all hosting and domain names so our conservatives can own their online effort and join us getting Grizzly right in their backyard!

Temerity Magazine launches its second issue on Family, May 29th! You can check out the first issue at www.temeritymagazine.com and find the submission specs and theme page for upcoming issues. The third issue theme is: The foundational principles of our nation. God and Country. The Constitution and the Bible. Other philosophers that shaped the thinking of our founding fathers. What was the purpose of forming our government? The submission date is June 8th just email submissions to temeritymagazine@theodoremedia.com

Grizzly Groundswell Radio Network is now here for you 7 days a week with a powerful Grizzly lineup! Here is the fantastic schedule:
Grizzly Groundswell: 7-8 PM CST www.blogtalkradio.com/GrizzlyGroundswell @GrizzlyFeed on twitter and www.grizzlygroundswell.com blog network

Monday: Susanna Lohse
Tuesday: Shelli Dawdy
Wednesday: Chad Everson
Thursday: Leo Shishmanian
Friday: Wes Wiggins and Chris Walden
Saturday: Attilah the Honey
Sunday: Wyatt McIntyre

Socialist Squirrel: 9-10 PM CST www.blogtalkradio.com/Socialist Squirrel @SocialistSqurrl on twitter and www.socialistsquirrel.com blog network

Monday: Heroic Fools
Tuesday: Jilrean Sage Bocook
Wednesday: Chad Everson
Thursday: Sid Bridge or Dawn Wildman
(They will switch off every other week)
Friday: Toni No Bologny and Nicksparadox
Saturday: Toni No Bologny and Nicksparadox
Sunday: Taylor Gombos & Bear Fan Ron

If you would like to be a fill in host and work your way into this talented line up please email Chad: TeddyBear@TheodoreMedia.com

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