June 10, 2009

YouTube – The 2012 Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition

The 2012 Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition

One comment

  1. You said it! I heard this from a christian pastor about why America is not mentioned in the Bible in furture phopecy in the book of Revelation. It’s because America becomes a 3rd country. All her splendor and all her glory, and the blessings that were bestowed upon this nation by God because we once feared him but gave him praise and thanks for his beauty that he shed on thee, we were blessed because because we helped the Jewish People the land of Isreal, and were were Isreal’s friend not foe. God’s Chosen, and Gold Blessed this nation because America printed and distributed more bibles then any other country in the world.

    We use to be a “God Fearing Nation” we use to love GOD, but now they hate God! Why because he promises those who believe in him should not taste death but have ever lasting life. And the bonus is to be in Heaven which is by far pure joy beauty and so spectacular but they hate the christians who only wants good and to help the poor and needy but (satan) the devil a “Fallen Angel” who wanted to be a “god” took complete control of them. He has control of their numbed out minds and they sold their souls just to party and have worldly luxuxies. And in return they will be get eternal damnation in the firey pits of pain and angish and gnishing of teeth, and yet they are so stiff necked and rebullious they send themselves to hell.

    So God Blessed America, we were the first in many great things in our county. in Tech in chemicals, in Engeeiring, building info structures advancments we were the first to go to the moon, we were a democarcy, sovign nation under GOD!!! and we use to have morals we knew what was right and what was wrong. Your word was your word and a hand shake was you contract. No more… Our children have been numbed down and brainwashed into thinking you can’t really no for sure the truth!!! (Sorry but truth is true and false is fake). Our dauthers look like a bunch of sluts and our young girls are wearing less and less clothing and parents became wimps afraid to displine and scold their children in fear of them hating you. Well I say too bad if your child hates you. You are to be their partent not their friends. There jobs were to teach their children right from wrong, and morals and values. But moms were removed from the home to get out into the work field to produce a second income, all for the cost of their Faimly’s sanity. PLEASE…………

    Satan has a contifit for everything God has on this earth. Our young minds are addicted to alchole and drugs and it’s getting worse, the terriorst are sending herion at a rate like never before. The purist kind is getting on our streets, one hit and your addicted for life. 30 to 40% of Americans are addicted to Anti Depressents, Our media has sold their souls to the devil and he is going crazy because he knows his time is short here on earth, and he knows the final battle at arrmagetton is going to be between “Good vs Evil” and guess what He LOSES!!! Read your bible. It’s in The last book of Reverlation. God is supreme. He comes back in all his glory and splendor.

    Hollywood hates “Men” Hollywood hates “Dad’s” Especialy Christian Fathers they won’t tolerate a man with morals and values and a man who loves and respects God, and who can control his family and has reverse towards the Lord God. They can’t stand a man who prays and humbles himself to the Almighty. NO hollywood protays the “American dad as a wimp and a fat couch pototo a “looser” beer drinking out of work or womenizing and sports freek, moran. But Hollywood always gets it wrong. The Lord sits on his throne and Laughs at them.

    Because Hollywood is controlled by the “Frankfaurt German Communist” who came to America in 1923 fleeing Germany, and planted themselves in the University’s and Media, and slowly but surly they created Cultral Maxizm and they only person that was aware of there violent sceems was the continue without even a parental concent of killing our unborn children. We kill 50 million babies (a nation) that could have been contributing to our Social Security and maybe one of those babies could have been the scientist that came up with the cure for cancer or aids who knows?
    God is judging America for Americans are so proud and abnoxious and yet if God dosn’t judge America then he is going to have to appoligize for Sodom and Gomorha.

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