FREE course on the Constitution

August 5, 2009

National Center for Constitutional Studies provides a FREE course on the Constitution. The course is 4 sessions that are approximately 90 minutes each. You have two options. You can sign up for a live presentation that happens every Tuesday evening. Or you can listen to the prerecorded sessions on our own time.

The website for the free Constitution class is www.nccs.net It is a great site with a lot of material on the Constitution for all levels from young students to adults. Specifically the site to sign up for free on-line classes is www.nccs.net/seminars/index.html on the right hand side you will see the sign up. There is a companion study guide that they usually sell but now they have made that available on line for a FREE download. That link is www.nccs.net/seminars/moasemguide.pdf It’s a very large file,144pages. If you would prefer, you can buy the guide (it is not available on the Internet, you have to call) for $7.50 in a softcover book format. Their phone number is 208-645-2625.

As we go in to these difficult and challenging times, it is important to be armed with knowledge. The more you understand about the founding priniciples, the better you will be able to articulate your positions and help other citizens see the light.

I strongly encourage you to take these classes. The lessons are well worth your investment of time.

From Citizens in Action http://www.ciausa.net

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