Obama got your tongue?

August 6, 2009

I believe the latest attack on our freedom of speech is nothing more than another attempt to knock people off the fence that were just getting ready to jump in the fight!

Our job is to iterate and reiterate that

1)If we don’t use them, we lose them (our rights to freedom of speech and expression)

2)Name calling is not the business of the POTUS, his administration or the media. It is just an example of their poor coping skills and poor statesmanship. It is also an example of how Alinski’s rules only work on the emotionally challenged (which is most of our over medicated population)

3)You are not alone!

The term “tea baggers” and “tea bagging” describe the people who use them.

We are individuals who have READ THE BILL and we would like to be HEARD. Not mocked, ridiculed, marginalized, isolated, laughed at just for READING the BILL.

If you are a supporter of this bill, I would like to hear from you. Only one stipulation, you have to have read the bill. I invite you on my radio show to talk about the items in the bill that most concern me.

It is absolutely irresponsible to support something you know nothing about. So please, understand, if you haven’t read it, you cannot support it.

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