AARP Organizer quits AARP for supporting Obamacare #hc09 #healthcare

August 20, 2009


An AARP organizer quits AARP because it put greed above the Seniors it claims to be an advocate for. AARP has been bought by Obama.

It will make billions administrating OBAMACARE which plans to discontinue Senior Citizen Medicare coverage as too expensive. In short, Obama feels that Senior Citizens are too old, a burden and not worth being kept alive. Obama feels that the benefits are better used on younger people……….

Tony Passaro

Bel Air Tea Party Coalition

One comment

  1. So does the “AARP organizer” have no name or did I miss it somehow? Shouldn’t that detail be more prominant. One seldom hears from former AARP workers anything negative about the organization as departures often entail signing agreements to say nothing that hurt the group in order for optimal severance terms. Perhaps, that’s why the “AARP organizer” seems to have no name. If that is the reason, why should we believe she or he is principled enough to have quit?

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