Copenhagen, Treaty Lord Monckton, Cap N Trade

October 21, 2009

Dear Toni and MN Tea Party Patriots,

Due to the huge success of Lord Monckton’s speech last week http://mnfmi.org/ in Minnesota, the public has now learned the truth about Cap N Trade. Today, Lord Monckton was on Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. As you may know, the Copenhagen Treaty is being negotiated RIGHT NOW which, if signed by our President, would give the UN power over the US economy, divert huge sums of our tax dollars to third-world countries to pay for our "pollution", and drive manufacturing and jobs from the US to overseas countries.

Your organizations represent the patriots and defenders of freedom and constitutional government. You are the last line against socialism and the "new world order" being pushed by the left. We ask that you join us in the battle and help ramp up the fight for freedom across Minnesota and our country.

Next week, we plan to announce a broad-based "No Cap N Trade" coalition which will lead the fight here in Minnesota. We need your help! We have several copies of the new movie "Not Evil, Just Wrong" which refutes Al Gore and tells the real story behind the lefts’ push on Global Warming. We ask that each of the Tea Party organizers across Minnesota find a venue and host a premiere of the movie. The Coalition will provide the movie and help publicize and drive turnout at your events. The costs involved should be minimal.

Please let us know ASAP whether you would be willing to hold this Tea Party Cap N Trade event in your town. It’s vitally important to the future of our country.


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