ROC FEST in DC! October 27th, 2009

October 21, 2009


We are going back to DC to

ROC the Capitol!

Steve Elliott, Ron DeJong, and Darla Dawald

We need a team of approximately 50 to assist us in DC to make deliveries of the petition opposing the Obama -Reid Stealth Health Care Bill.

This bill will go to the floor within the next 2 weeks. In addition to making the deliveries we are asking as many people, as are able, to go to DC, contact your senators offices in advance and schedule an appointment to let them know this health care bill is infringing on our Constititonal rights and We OPPOSE IT!


If you can make it to DC and take part in the deliveries we will provide your lunch with the team after the deliveries are made.

We will be announcing the meetup location in DC and the location for lunch. If you are not signed up you will not be included in the lunch and the deliveries. Of course everyone coming to DC are encouraged to meet with their senate and reps.

For more info on the ROCFEST Click Here

To Register For Senate Office Visits only

Click Here

ROC stands for Restore Our Constitution. We are inviting as many as possible to DC to visit the senate offices but we only need 50-60 to make deliveries. Everyone else we encourage to register for in senate office meetings!

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