Precinct Caucus Information from Marjorie Holsten Attorney at Law #mntcot #caucus

January 26, 2010
Dear Conservative Friend,

As we all know, ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. I am writing this letter to encourage you to get involved in the political process! Please read this information and pass it on to like-minded people.

On February 2, 2010, the Republican Party in Minnesota will hold Precinct Caucuses all over the state. (The DFL also holds precinct caucuses that night, but at different locations.) Many things take place at precinct caucuses, including election of delegates.

Delegates that are elected at precinct caucuses attend county or state senate district conventions, which generally occur a few weeks later. Date/time/place information for these conventions is available online and will be available at precinct caucuses.

At the county or senate district conventions, delegates vote to endorse candidates running for state (senate and house of representatives) and local (mayor, city council, school board) offices. All state senators and representatives are up for election this year. In some districts, only incumbents will be seeking endorsement. In other districts, several candidates may be vying for endorsement. Become educated on the issues and the candidates, and support the candidate you believe will best represent your interests.

At the County or Senate District Conventions, delegates elected at precinct caucuses elect delegates and alternates to attend the congressional district convention and state convention. All eight of Minnesota’s congressional districts have their conventions in March or April. Information about these conventions is available online. Candidates for congressional office will be endorsed at Congressional District Conventions. In some districts, only incumbents will be seeking endorsement. In other districts, several candidates may be vying for their party’s endorsement for the congressional seat. These candidates vary widely in their values, experience, and campaign platform. Become educated on the issues and the candidates, and support the candidate who you believe will best represent your interests. If you choose not to attend the congressional district or state conventions, vote for delegates who will endorse the candidates you support.

At the state convention, delegates vote and endorse candidates for the state offices of Governor/Lt. Governor, Secretary and State, Auditor, and Attorney General. Approximately 2000 people vote to endorse the candidates that will be on the ballot in November. If you care about the candidates you vote on in November, now is the time to get involved!

Here are the steps:

1. Find out where your party will be having its precinct caucus. Go to http://pf.mngop.com/

2. Get to know candidates.

a. All candidates have websites, and many have Facebook pages.

b. If a candidate has held office, check his/her voting record. These organizations keep track of voting records of state office holders:

Minnesota Majority: http://www.minnesotamajority.org/Scorecard/tabid/196/Default.aspx

Taxpayer’s League of Minnesota: http://www.taxpayersleague.org/pdf/legscorecard2009.pdf

Legislative Evaluation Assembly: http://www.mnlea.org/

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce: http://www.minnesotaprosperity.org/page.asp?g=minnesota&content=voting_records&parent=MINNESOTA

c. Call or email the candidate if you have questions. If campaign staff are unable to answer your questions, there is a good chance the candidate will personally return your call. (I speak from experience!)

d. Attend "Meet and Greet" events, which are being held all over the state. Candidates gnerally have the dates, times, and locations for these events on their websites.

3. Attend your precinct caucus on February 2, 2010 and get elected as a delegate (or alternate). Precinct caucus delegates vote for State and congressional delegates, so even if you do not plan to attend every convention, you can take part in electing delegates who will vote for the candidates you believe will be best for Minnesota for the next four years. Students who will be 18 years old November 4, 2010 are eligible to become delegates.

Please call me if you have any questions.

Marjorie Holsten
Attorney at Law

9601 Annapolis Lane North
Maple Grove, MN 55369
(763) 420-7034

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  1. It’s just a bad photoshop – they didn’t think to pay close enough attention to which side the upper pocket of his suit jacket (where the handkerchief normally goes), nor the buttons being wrong. The rings are obvious fakes as well. Furthermore, look at the marine in the background – his service medals are on the wrong side of his chest too.

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