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One reason why Barack won the election – Voter Fraud

February 23, 2009

ACORNs Argument:
“Imagine the case of many young urban voters: they work a small business job and live at home with their parents or other family members. All the bills are in someone else’s name, they don’t have a lease and they don’t have a car. How will they prove their identity under this new law? Besides signing their name, of course, which has served us well for years. Does anyone really expect folks to go to the DMV simply for the right to vote? This bill will deny the vote to many of these young voters.

Nevermind the thousands and thousands of repeat voters who won’t realize that the rules have changed. After waiting in a line made slower by the new rules, they will find they need documents they never needed before. Not having them, they will leave and not return out of frustration. Another lost voter. ”

Read the ACORN People Platform: US ACORN Peoples Platform Canada ACORN Peoples Platform

Use this google search term “vote” to search ACORNs view on voter suppression

You will see this on
“In 1992, Obama ran a successful voter registration drive in Chicago for Project Vote which helped 150,000 people register to vote. At that time, Project Vote had no more connection to ACORN than it did with dozens of other national and local organizations with which it partnered on local registration drives. In 1994, over a year after Obama left Project Vote, ACORN and Project Vote began working much more closely together.”

Here is Obamas own view on the sitiuation:

Below is an ACORN document (5/2005) – it shows that they only made the case for their parties voters. However, the same thing happened to ALL voters but why wouldn’t they give the hole picture?…

Here is the resolution authored by Obama, put forth to Congress in 2005 by: Obama, Pelosi, Dobbs, Reed, Kerry, Kennedy, et al:

Now I don’t know about you, but what other country can you go to and vote, let alone without proving you are a citizen?

We have the resources to figure this out. We have the most technologically advanced minds here, so why don’t they find a better solution? Because they don’t want one!

They want to allow this loophole.